Real Wood Barbecue



JAX B-B-Q is Hell’s Kitchen destination for real wood pit barbecue, Pat LaFrieda Dry Aged Blend craft burgers with Tom Cat Bakery buns, frozen margaritas, and craft beer. Our pit is stoked with white oak, cherry and birch woods, and our smoked meats and down South delicacies are the stars of the show.

We make our dry rubs and BBQ sauces in-house using a custom 18-ingredient spice mixture, our house sweet and tangy bbq sauce is a proprietary recipe, and our frozen margaritas are infused with real fruit.


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Nick Accardi learned the art of wood pit cooking from pitmaster and bbq legend MIKE MILLS, who taught him the intricacies of “slow and low” smoking and the importance of specially crafted rubs and seasonings. He is also known for his regional Italian restaurant Tavola, and past projects including hit West Village barbecue destination Bone Lick Park, The Viceroy and Cola’s.